Current restrictions due to Covid-19 mean that face to face training courses, meetings and events are not currently being held but this does not prevent the achievement of CPD. 

Many professionals will have been on a steep learning curve this year, with the introduction of Covid-19 related legislation and a need to understand the appropriate risks and controls.  

Continuing Professional Development includes various means of learning and development and can be online learning, ‘on the job’ learning, attendance at virtual events/meetings, researching a particular piece of work or reading appropriate journals/reports. A certificate of attendance is one method of evidencing CPD, but needn't be the only format and, for example, if you read relevant journals, investigate a particular topic, complete a short course, the evidence for this could be writing a few sentences about what you learned.

There are various on line learning opportunities, including through events advertised on the REHIS website, by accessing ‘events’ on the home page and ‘other agency events’ when there are no suitable REHIS events; through the Open University OpenLearn where there are numerous free courses; through Food Standards Scotland online allergy course; or learn about the international perspective and many Universities offer free short courses, and if you are able to pay, then individual modules are often available for enrolment.

If you are registered for access to the member’s only section of the website, CPD summary records can be maintained ‘as you go’ so when it comes to the end of the year, it simply needs to be printed, signed and evidence attached.

If there are any queries on CPD submissions or Chartered EHO status, or members wish to register for the members only section of the website, please email