To qualify as an EHO in Scotland requires academic study, structured professional practice and completion of a professional examination.  Anyone registered on an accredited course of study or completing the professional practice is entitled to be a Student member of the Institute. 

Academic Study

Academic study normally requires completion of a REHIS accredited MSc or BSc (Hons) Environmental Health degree course.  The accreditation process ensures the course includes all the academic elements required for a career as an EHO. The admission requirements for the university course will vary and full details on entry requirements is available from the relevant university. The currently accredited course is the BSc (Hons) in Environmental Health with Professional Practice at the University of the West of Scotland. 

Professional Practice

Structured professional practice of at least 48 weeks can be completed through a formal training placement with a local authority or by gaining experience learning from a number of relevant organisations. 

The training may be incorporated within the accredited course, or may be completed during vacation periods or in an ‘end on’ manner, after completion of the academic study.

Registration with REHIS as a student or graduate trainee EHO at the commencement of professional practice is essential.  On registering, a copy of the current Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland Scheme of Professional Practice is provided to guide the student/graduate trainee EHO through the competencies which require to be gained during training.

Professional Examination

The Scheme of Professional Practice requires the completion of a portfolio, in accordance with the scheme, based on the period of structured professional practice.

The portfolio is assessed by REHIS assessors and subject to meeting the requirements of the scheme the trainee is eligible to present for the professional interviews.

At the professional interviews, candidates are asked scenario-based questions by REHIS examiners, who assess professional competence in each of the programme areas.

On passing the professional examination, the REHIS Diploma in Environmental Health is awarded, the qualification required to practice as an Environmental Health Officer in Scotland.

Alternative Route

It is recognised that professionals may seek to evidence elements of the above requirements in a non-standard manner. The Institute has a system in place for the assessment of the qualifications and experiences of such professionals.
It should be noted that such applicants require to hold the minimum of a BSc degree in a relevant subject, additional qualifications in environmental health subject areas and experience in environmental health related work. Graduates holding a non-accredited BSc in Environmental Health, without work experience or additional qualifications, are also eligible to apply for such assessment.
Fees apply at certain stages of the process and further details and possible outcomes can be found here.
An initial application form can be requested by e mailing asking for an application form for the EHO Alternative Route.