The Institute operates under the Royal Charter and Bye-Laws granted by the Sovereign on the approval of the Most Honourable Privy Council. REHIS Royal Charter

The affairs of the Institute are managed by a Council, elected by members. Council members, as trustees of the Charity of REHIS, discuss and decide on the work of the Institute. All Council members sit on at least one Committee. All Committee decisions are ratified through Council prior to taking full effect.

Elected Council members hold position for a period of three years, after which they may be re-elected.

Each year the positions of President, Senior Vice-President and Junior Vice-President become vacant and Corporate members of the Institute are invited to make nominations for these posts.

The holders of the positions of President, Senior Vice-President and Junior Vice-President, along with the most recent two Past-Presidents, the Chairpersons of the Examinations and Professional Standards Committee, Membership, Education and Training Committee and Environmental Health Promotion Committee and the Honorary Treasurer make up the Management Committee of the Institute, which has the remit of:

i. General financial matters
ii. Public and media relations
iii. Premises and equipment
iv. Annual Forum
v. Staffing.

Further Committees of the Institute have specific remits:

Examinations and Professional Standards Committee (EPSC)

i. Matters regarding university degree courses leading to entry to the Scheme of Professional Practice
ii. All matters relating to the Scheme of Professional Practice
iii. Professional examinations
iv. CPD Scheme Monitoring
v. Disciplinary Procedures and Code of Professional Conduct compliance except in the instance of final appeals.

Membership, Education and Training Committee (METC)

i. Centres
ii. Matters regarding Community Training
iii. Professional Courses
iv. CPD Training Provision, except for scheme monitoring
v. Promotional campaigns for membership of the Institute
vi. Considering applications for membership and advising the Council regarding these applications. The final decision on all membership applications is made by the Council.

Environmental Health Promotion Committee (EHPC)

i. Matters regarding environmental health of a technical nature, with the exception of education, training and professional practice
ii. Responses to consultation and other similar exercises from Government Departments, etc, with the exception of those regarding education, training and professional practice
iii. Matters regarding the establishment and organisation of Technical Working Groups with the exception of the appointment of Council representatives to these Groups
iv. All Institute publications with the exception of documents concerning the AGM and the Community Training/Scheme of Professional Practice documents
v. Promotional campaigns, except for the promotion of membership of the Institute.

Scottish Food Safety Officers’ Registration Board (SFSORB)

To determine the standard to be attained by persons applying for the award of qualifications in food law enforcement.