Chartered EHO status is the highest possible professional status and recognises an individual’s professional qualifications, training, experience within, and commitment to, environmental health practice.

All members of the Institute who are Environmental Health Officers can achieve and maintain Chartered EHO status subject to complying with the Institute’s Scheme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  Members must also comply with Institute regulations governing professional conduct and discipline.

CPD records are submitted on an annual basis, by the end of January each year for the preceding calendar year.  The Scheme also requires submission of a piece of written work for each three year period, demonstrating new learning or development in a core environmental health activity.  Alternately, members can produce evidence of an Approved Activity in each calendar year, examples of these are found within the Scheme.

Compliance with the Scheme is confirmed annually by issuing a Certificate of Compliance and those members achieving or maintaining Chartered EHO status are advised accordingly and provided with the appropriate Chartered EHO logo for use in their own e mail communications.

Chartered EHOs evidencing appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the field of health and safety are eligible to join the Occupational Safety and Health Consultant’s Register (OSHCR)