The academic knowledge, technical skills and professional competencies needed to qualify as an EHO will be acquired at university and during structured professional practice, however attitude and outlook on life are just as important! EHOs are public health advocates and educators and need to be broad-minded, approachable, flexible and persuasive.

The career is suitable for a person who

  • wishes to contribute to the protection and improvement of public health in Scotland
  • cares enough about the environment and its effect on health to want to do something about it
  • is a good communicator and enjoys meeting and working with people from all educational, social and cultural backgrounds
  • is sympathetic to the views of others and is prepared to listen to problems
  • happily works as part of a team but is also self motivated to work alone
  • is able to analyse and assess situations in real time and to be decisive in their actions
  • works in collaboration with others to achieve strategic goals
  • pays attention to detail and accuracy, and
  • is keen to learn more and to develop their professional competence.