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Membership is open to all persons with an interest in Environmental Health in its widest sense including Environmental Health Officers, Food Safety Officers, Medical Practitioners, Veterinarians, local authority elected members, and persons working in local authorities, the armed forces, training bodies and other Government agencies, such as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

The Institute represents around 1,000 Environmental Health Officer and non-Environmental Health Officer members thus representing a broad range of environmental health interests. The majority of members are Environmental Health Officers who work in the Scottish local authorities but an increasing number work out with the local authority in organisations such the Food Standards Scotland, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Public Health Scotland and the armed forces. Environmental Health Officer members also work in the private sector in a range of consultancies. A large proportion of members are non-Environmental Health Officers, from a range of backgrounds, who work as Enforcement Officers and Food Safety Officers with local authorities, private consultancies, training organisations and community presenters

Advantages of Membership

  • Opportunities to meet and liaise with organisations and individuals and colleagues representing the Environmental Health professions.
  • Members receive the quarterly REHIS Journal, Environmental Health Scotland.
  • Members can attend seminars and training events on a wide range of Environmental Health topics, at reduced rates and some at no charge at all.
  • Members can attend the Institute’s Annual Forum and Centre meetings.
  • Members can make input into government and other organisations’ consultations.
  • Dependent on the category of membership, Corporate Members are able to use the appropriate designatory letters after their name.
  • Members can attend the Annual General Meeting and Corporate members can vote for Council members and matters of Institute policy.
  • Members can participate in a Scheme of Continuing Professional Development.
  • Members who are Environmental Health Officers have the opportunity to become Chartered Environmental Health Officers.

Categories of Membership
There are four categories of membership:

  • Ordinary Member (Environmental Health Officer) is a Corporate grade which is open to Environmental Health Officers.  Members who are Environmental Health Officers agree to comply with the Institute’s regulations governing professional conduct and discipline.
  • Ordinary Member (Other than Environmental Health Officers) is a Corporate grade which is open to persons with professional qualifications broadly commensurate with those required by an Environmental Health Officer.
  • Associate is a Non-Corporate grade open to any person having, by reason of post or employment, an interest in Environmental Health.
  • Student membership is available to students following a course of study leading to the Institute’s Diploma in Environmental Health. This is a Non-Corporate grade.

The Institute has a range of membership categories and fees (2024/25):

Corporate Member (EHO) For Environmental Health Officers. £170.00 or £126.00 if paid by direct debit

Corporate Member (Other) For holders of other qualifications of a level broadly commensurate with those of an Environmental Health Officer. £170.00 or £126.00 if paid by direct debit

Associate For anyone with interest in Environmental Health. £170.00 or £126.00 if paid by direct debit

Student For students studying on accredited environmental health degree courses and for Student/Graduate Trainee Environmental Health Officers. £40.00 or £10.00 if paid by direct debit

Retired Member £40.00

If you wish to contribute to the work of the Institute and support your profession, then join us! Membership is by annual subscription and prospective members require a proposer and seconder, each of whom must be a member or fellow of the Institute. Request an information pack.

For a membership application pack please contact the Institute’s office.