The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland is primarily concerned with the health of Scotland's people. One of the most effective ways to use scarce resources to improve public health is through education and training.

REHIS® is a long established awarding body in Scotland for qualifications in Food Hygiene, Food and Health, HACCP, Control of Infection, Occupational Health and Safety and First Aid. Courses leading to REHIS qualifications are available at Approved Training Centres throughout Scotland and delivered by suitably qualified registered presenters.  Industry and Enforcement Officers recognise REHIS qualifications, not just in Scotland but nationally and internationally.  Many of the courses have been independently credit rated on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).  The courses are available within the following suites:

Food Hygiene

  • Diploma in Advanced Food Hygiene (SCQF Level 8, 5 credits)
  • Intermediate Food Hygiene (SCQF Level 7, 3 credits) also available by e-learning
  • Elementary Food Hygiene  (SCQF Level 5, 1 credit) also available by e-learning
  • Introduction to Food Hygiene  also available by e-learning
  • Refresher to Elementary Food Hygiene 
  • Controlling the Risk of Cross Contamination 

Health and Safety

  • Certificate in Advanced Health and Safety  (SCQF Level 8, 5 credits)
  • Intermediate Health and Safety  (SCQF Level 7, 3 credits)
  • Elementary Health and Safety (SCQF Level 5, 1 credit)
  • Introduction to Health and Safety 
  • Safe Manual Handling Awareness 
  • Risk Assessment
  • Management of Risk in the Workplace 
  • Legionella Awareness


  • Certificate in Advanced HACCP
  • Intermediate Certificate in HACCP for Food Manufacturing  (SCQF Level 6, 2 credits)
  • Elementary Certificate in HACCP for Food Manufacturing  (SCQF Level 5, 1 credit)
  • Elementary Certificate in HACCP for Food Manufacturing by e Learning
  • Food Safety Management System for Caterers (based on Cooksafe) 

Control of Infection

  • Elementary Prevention and Control of Infection (SCQF Level 5, 1 credit)
  • Elementary Cleaning and Disinfection 

First Aid

  • Emergency First Aid at Work (SCQF Level 5, 1 credit)

Food and Health

  • Elementary Food and Health (SCQF Level 5, 1 credit)
  • Introduction to Food and Health 
  • Elementary Food and Health for Carers of Adults with a Learning Disability 
  • Elementary Practical Cooking Skills (SCQF Level 4, 1 credit)
  • Eating Well for Older People 
  • How to Run a Cooking Group 


  • Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCQF Level 6, 1 credit)
  • Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) (SCQF Level 6, 1 credit)
  • both courses also available by e-learning


  • Intermediate Train the Presenter (SCQF Level 7, 3 credits)

Joint Award Programme

Where a standard REHIS® qualification is not appropriate, REHIS® will work with a partner to develop a sector or organisation specific qualification which will be certified by the Institute. Joint Awards have been agreed between REHIS® and Training Organisations and the Food Industry and cover fish processing, alginate production, food production in NHS Trust hospitals and meat product manufacture. REHIS® and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) work together and have produced SVQ units and modules which are also accredited by REHIS®. 

How do you become a REHIS® Registered Presenter?

To present any REHIS® course or part of a course you must be registered with a REHIS® Approved Training Centre. To become registered you must have a suitable and pertinent technical qualification and provide evidence to REHIS® that you are a qualified and/or experienced trainer. 


Qualifications for Communities