World Environmental Health Day was launched by the IFEH Council at its meeting in Indonesia on the 26 September 2011. Every year since 2011 this date has been earmarked to celebrate as World Environmental Health Day with a particular theme, celebrating an environmental health issue Worldwide. 

The 2020 theme is “Environmental Health, a key public health intervention in disease pandemic prevention”, which aims to demonstrate how those working in the field of environmental health are playing a vital role in response to the outbreak of disease pandemics all over the world. Environmental Health professionals worldwide play a role in disaster preparedness and response, investigate outbreaks of infectious diseases and prevent it from spreading any further.

On 26 September, REHIS will be marking World Environmental Health Day by raising awareness of the role of the Environmental Health Officer by promoting a series of articles titled ‘COVID DIARIES’ where various members of the Institute and those leading in the field of public health answer questions based on work being carried out during the pandemic. 

These will be on the website and through our Twitter page @rehisscotland. Follow us and help celebrate World Environmental Health Day!