Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has launched its new food safety campaign aimed at encouraging good food safety practices in the home, and raising awareness of how changes to our preparation and cooking behaviour can reduce the likelihood of getting food poisoning.

The campaign highlights 20 common ‘kitchen crimes’ which could potentially lead to food poisoning. A recent survey for FSS has shown that people in Scotland only follow 11 out of 20 food safety practices on average.

There are estimated to be around 43,000 estimated cases of foodborne illness in Scotland annually, so the importance of good food safety hygiene in the home should not be overlooked.

The campaign features tongue-in-cheek creative posters of everyday people holding up a food crime mug shot board. You can find out if you are a “Ham Sniffer”, “Dodgy Chiller” or “Chicken Washer” or one of the other 20 “Kitchen Crimes” by completing the online quiz. You might be committing more crimes than you think!

The campaign is being supported by Lidl, Tesco, Mumsnet, Dads Rock, Parenting Across Scotland and Scottish local authorites. The campaign will run from 10 January to 31 January.