The Scottish Government have updated the Coronavirus (COVID-19): tourism and hospitality sector guidance on the 20 April to reflect changes in the guidance. 

Some of the main points are as follows:

  • Collection of Customer/Visitor Details – Businesses are required to record every customer/visitor contact details to support Test and Protect – Customer detail collection guidance has been updated, in addition, the check-in Scotland app will help manage this requirement.
  • Physical distancing – Everyone visiting a hospitality setting must remain at least 1 metre apart from the next person, unless from the same household or a carer. On playing areas in bingo halls and casinos 2 metres must be observed.
  • Capacity management – Businesses are reminded that capacity should be determined by the need for physical distancing and numbers must not exceed safe limits.  A maximum limit for the premises must be calculated on the basis of physical distancing constraints and should be displayed clearly at or near the entrance.  Further guidance have been published, currently in draft, to help with this process.
  • One metre zone signage for hospitality settings – It is essential that clear signage is displayed at entry points and throughout the premises to inform customers that they are within a 1 metre physical distancing zone and, most importantly, that everyone is reminded to observe the requirement to remain at least 1 metre from the next person, unless from the same household or a carer. 
  • Cleaning and hygiene arrangements – There should be robust cleaning regimes in place around all shared and hard surface contact areas, including toilets, door handles, tables and chairs and service items. Equally, provision of adequate facilities for regular handwashing or sanitising is a simple and effective measure to reduce the risk of transmission and should be a routine practice in premises, for staff and customers. 
  • Management of toilet facilities – Management of toilet facilities presents an added challenge and is an area of increased risk, particularly in contained and narrow spaces where physical distancing is difficult.  Existing guidance on the safe use of toilet facilities will help with this.
  • Socialising rules – Socialising rules for indoors and outdoors apply to all sectors and are critically important. Businesses must ensure staff are aware of the limits when taking bookings and that they are ready to challenge any attempt to make bookings for numbers that clearly exceed the limits. Staff should ask whether limits on mixing of households is being observed when taking enquiries and either reject a booking request which would exceed the limits or offer an alternative for a booking within the limits.    
  • Improved ventilation – Adequate and good quality ventilation should be standard in indoor commercial spaces – businesses should consider current arrangements and whether additional measures are required to make improvements. HSE guidance on this issue may be helpful.
  • Table service – Table service is mandatory in hospitality. Systems should be in place to ensure this requirement is met in line with physical distancing and hygiene protocols.
  • Low level music is now permitted so long as you do not have to raise your voice
  • Alcohol can be served on its own