A practical guide to Asian hornets is now available.

Around 2004, the Asian or yellow-legged hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax) was accidentally imported into southern France from China, and it has spread through western European countries with astonishing speed. 

Since 2016 there have been incursions into the UK, including Scotland and these are becoming more frequent as the population on the continent increases in numbers.

If this insect establishes in the UK, it will cause two important problems for humans: they love eating bees, especially honey bees; and if a nest is accidentally disturbed they can be very aggressive.

The handbook is completely up-to-date and covers the biology, spread and control of this insect, including a section on the UK response by Defra via APHA and the National Bee Unit in England.

The handbook is comprehensively referenced, with a glossary and thorough index, and has over 100 photos and illustrations. It is 156 pages, paperback.

It can be bought from the handbook’s website at a price of £16.