The Scottish Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19): tourism and hospitality sector guidance has been updated with guidance for takeaways who can only operate on a no-indoor entry basis. 

From Saturday 16 January 2021 in Level 4 lockdown areas, businesses primarily concerned with the service of food and drink takeaways can only offer the service on a no-indoor entry basis. This means that customers are not permitted to enter the inside of a premises to collect their purchase and that goods will need to be dispensed in a manner that meets this requirement.

This measure is necessary to reduce the risk associated with people gathering in enclosed spaces (indoors) where the virus may spread more easily from person to person.

The measure applies to those businesses in the hospitality and food and drink sector that are primarily operating a food and drink takeaway service. That means where food and drink takeaway forms the main part of the business and is not incidental to the wider business operation.

Practical examples include the use of a service hatch, a non-internal counter such as a table across the threshold, or passed through a door.