The Scottish Government has published a new strategy, setting out Scotland’s air quality framework for the next five years. 

The new strategy titled Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 – Towards a Better Place for Everyone replaces Cleaner Air for Scotland – The Road to a Healthier Future. The strategy sets out a series of actions to deliver further air quality improvements, building largely on the work of a previous review, published in 2019.

The strategy is shaped around 10 general themes:

  1. Health – A Precautionary Approach. 
  2. Integrated Policy. 
  3. Placemaking. 
  4. Data. 
  5. Public Engagement and Behaviour Change. 
  6. Industrial Emissions Regulation. 
  7. Tackling Non-Transport Emissions Sources. 
  8. Transport. 
  9. Governance, Accountability and Delivery. 
  10. Further Progress Review.