The latest annual report issued by the Drinking Water Quality Regulator (DWQR) for Scotland’s shows that Scottish Water’s compliance with the stringent standards for drinking water is high at 99.90%.

In 2018, a total of 319,124 regulatory tests were carried out in on Scotland’s drinking water. Of those taken from samples at consumers’ taps, 99.90% met the required standards, slightly reduced on previous years. Scottish Water take and analyse samples of drinking water from across Scotland 365 days a year.

The report also highlights that the number of water quality incidents requiring detailed investigation by the DWQR has reduced in 2018, suggesting that Scottish Water’s efforts to improve is paying off.

Sue Petch the Drinking Water Quality Regulator said:

“Scotland’s consumers can be reassured that the quality of drinking water supplied to their taps by Scottish Water continues to be high.

“In spite of this, further improvements are still needed. I expect Scottish Water to ensure water quality continues to get better across Scotland.”

A full copy of Drinking Water Quality in Scotland 2018 is available at