First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled plans to halve childhood obesity in Scotland by 2030 as she met celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

The Scottish Government will set the target in its Healthy Weight and Diet plan, due to be published this summer.

The First Minister announced the move as she met the celebrity chef, who has previously campaigned to make school dinners healthier, to discuss the problems of childhood obesity and healthy eating.

Almost a third (29%) of Scottish children are at risk of being overweight, with 14% at risk of obesity, according to the latest figures. Meanwhile nine out of 10 people believe the increasing number of Scots who are an unhealthy weight is a serious problem for the nation.

The First Minister said: “Obesity is a serious public health issue which cannot be ignored. Evidence shows obese children are likely to stay obese into adulthood and become more likely to suffer health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at a younger age.

“Our guiding ambition is to halve child obesity in Scotland by 2030 and we’ll outline in our forthcoming Healthy Weight plan how we will develop the necessary actions to achieve this, and help everybody make healthy choices about food.

Oliver added: “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has shown she cares about the health of Scotland’s kids by committing to halving childhood obesity in the next 12 years. We look forward to seeing her strong multi-layered strategy.”

Ministers at Holyrood have already consulted on plans to end cut price deals on foods which are high in fat, salt and sugar, including a possible ban on multi-buy deals for junk food.

They are also calling for a ban on TV advertising for unhealthy food and drinks before the 9pm watershed, saying if Westminster does not act on this the Scottish Government will press for powers in this area to be devolved.

The First Minister said: “We will tackle junk food promotions and the marketing of unhealthy food, such as multi-buys, that encourage overconsumption.
“To ensure that the steps we take are proportionate and deliver beneficial outcomes, we will consult widely with consumers, suppliers and retailers following the release of the new plan.

“Diet and activity go together and our Healthy Weight plan will build on programmes like Scotland’s Daily Mile that encourage children to be more active, by helping them to improve diet as well and to ensure our younger generations can live fit, healthy and active lives.”

Professor Linda Bauld, Cancer Research UK’s cancer prevention expert said: “It’s fantastic that the Scottish Government has reinforced its commitment to tackling Scotland’s obesity crisis. With so many people carrying too much weight, it’s clear bold action is needed.

“Obesity is the biggest cause of cancer after smoking and is responsible for around 2,200 cases a year in Scotland.

“Price promotions play a significant part in what families choose to put into their shopping basket. In the battle to protect the health of future generations, it’s crucial laws are introduced to restrict the damaging supermarket junk food price promotions that are contributing to the nation’s obesity problem.”