New online resource efficiency tool to help Scottish organisations unlock savings worth millions

A new online planning tool launched this month by Resource Efficient Scotland can help Scottish businesses and public sector organisations to unlock savings worth millions of pounds.

The new tool called ‘The Savings Finder’ enables organisations to understand the opportunities that exist to make more efficient use of resources in their organisation while providing practical advice to help them make savings.

Decision makers just need to complete a quick online questionnaire on current resource use to receive instant access to a comprehensive report highlighting the cost saving opportunities tailored for their organisation.

The report provides organisations with a scored performance assessment to give users an indication of how well their organisation is doing in terms of how efficiently they are using their raw materials, energy and water.  It also includes an action plan explaining how they can implement steps to improve their resource efficiency.

In addition, the tool signposts to the latest free tools, resources and sources of funding which are available from Resource Efficient Scotland to help organisations implement their recommended actions.

“This tool is easy for companies to use and has been designed to provide simple, straightforward advice to help small and medium sized enterprises and other organisations save money,” said Marissa Lippiatt, Head of Resource Efficient Scotland, a Scottish Government-funded scheme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland..

“We’ve calculated that Scottish organisations could save as much as £2.9 billion every year by making more efficient use of their resources – around £7,000 for every organisation in Scotland.  By helping decision makers generate their own resource efficiency action plans, The Savings Finder will play a vital role helping organisations achieve those savings.

The first of its kind in the UK, the Savings Finder gives all Scottish organisations instant access to expert advice and complements our wider package of online, telephone and onsite support.”

See the attached document for a lot more information