With the opportunities to conduct the standard visits to Training Centres delivering the REHIS Community courses being restricted at present, the Training Advisers role has had to adapt to doing some virtual audits.

A high proportion of courses currently registered are being delivered via the “Zoom” platform. Not having the face to face usual interaction with their candidates has given REHIS course Presenters “food for thought” in terms of how to deliver a syllabus, make it interesting, relevant and meaningful using a virtual platform. The Training Advisers have been impressed so far with the way in which the Presenters have adapted, by delivering the sessions over more frequent but shorter times (still in compliance with the minimum hours) and using a full range of resources e.g. video, PowerPoint etc.

One resource being used very effectively is “Google Classroom” – a virtual classroom which can host a myriad of resources e.g. syllabi, notes, exercises etc. This resource is particularly useful with the Intermediate and Advanced courses where candidates can visit the classroom virtually, for self-study, revision or to submit course work.

When it comes to the exam, the expected standards are still being adhered to with live invigilation through web cameras. We commend the Training Centres at their ability to adapt, yet maintain effective and quality assured courses.