The September edition of the REHIS e-Newsletter ‘News for Public Health Professionals’ has been uploaded to this website and is accessible from a dedicated public access portal to the right of this news item. The September e-Newsletter includes items on E-learning success for care staff, The MUSTER Model – A Novel Approach to Environmental Investigations, Scotland’s Drinking Water Quality Regulator, A response to Scottish healthy eating Resource, Equally Well test sites: evaluation report published, Review of food safety in the home, HSE’s new reporting arrangements, Upset stomachs cost UK 11 million working days, SEPA CEO to stand down, Monitoring the implementation of Parma Conference commitments, OSHCR Update, Alcohol sales at all time high and forthcoming events. If you wish to feature an environmental health or public health initiative, event or activity in the e-Newsletter please contact Tom Bell, Chief Executive on 0131 229 2968 or