REHIS member, Francis McManus has been well known in the Institute for many years and also amongst acoustic experts within the profession.  He will be in London on the 23 May 2023 for the launch of his new book, in conjunction with Andy McKenzie and published by Edinburgh University Press. 

The book covers the legal issues and latest changes in standards, codes of practice and legislation relating to noise and noise law;

  • Provides a succinct overview of the technical aspects of noise and its assessment
  • Analyses the role of common law nuisance in the control of noise pollution
  • Provides a clear and comprehensive account of the statutory controls over noise in the UK, including the role of planning law
  • Discusses human rights law in relation to noise control
  • Includes end of chapter summaries and lists of key cases to provide easy access and quick referencing
  • Draws on the experience of two leading experts in the field

This key reference text covers both the common law and the statutory controls over noise; including a detailed discussion of the role of planning law, with special attention given to the role of environmental assessment. Leading cases are covered in detail, for example, Baxter v Camden LBC, Coventry v Lawrence, Hatton v UK, Webster v Lord Advocate and Dennis v MoD.

Drawing on the authors’ combined expertise, the book presents a clear and practical overview for academics, practitioners and agencies working in acoustics, noise law and environmental law. It is also an ideal textbook for students undertaking modules on Environmental Noise and Regulation of Noise as part of the IOA diploma in Acoustics.

And as an exciting offer to REHIS members, there is a 30% discount on the purchase of the book which can be in paperback, hard back or ebook format.  Log onto the members site on REHIS for the unique code.