REHIS is pleased to announce a new Joint Award with WasteSwitch Ltd, a Waste Management Training and Consultancy firm based in Livingston, West Lothian. WasteSwitch was established by its directors, Mr Steven Kiakowski and Mr Colin Grieve in order to provide an accredited training solution in response to the substantial increased focus and enforcement of the Waste Disposal regulation and legislation on all businesses within Scotland. The Waste (Scotland) Regulations, revisited in 2014, mean that every business, small and large, within Scotland, now has to comply with a wide range of legislative and regulatory requirements in relation to recycling. The regulations require all businesses and organisations to separate key materials – plastic, glass, metals, paper and card – for recycling, while most food businesses are also required to separate food waste for collection. The course is designed to raise awareness of the key areas of the regulation and highlight the consequences for non-compliance, such that badly sorted waste could be rejected by the waste collector and result in higher collection costs, plus ultimately, a substantial fine and possible criminal convictions. Businesses are now looking for training on this subject in order to further educate their staff and protect their corporate responsibilities. WasteSwitch Limited have developed a training programme for businesses which covers the responsibilities for all staff in regards to the correct and appropriate identification, segregation, collection and disposal of the waste produced in line with the Regulations and the substantial environmental and recycling efficiency benefits that can be achieved. Specifically, and significantly the reduction in C02 emissions, how to report accurately on this saving and how to maximize the increased diversion from landfill. Jackie McCabe, REHIS Director of Training would like to commend Steven and Colin for all their hard work and support, during the development of this Joint Award. The Award provides businesses and their employees with an effective training course on how to dispose waste in line with current regulations. The photograph shows Tom Bell, REHIS Chief Executive, Steven Kiakowski, WasteSwitch Director signing the Joint Award Agreement with Colin Grieve, WasteSwitch Director and Jackie McCabe, REHIS Director of Training at a meeting held in the REHIS Office. For further details, contact Jackie McCabe, Director of Training at REHIS, 19 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh EH3 8HX or by telephone on 0131 229 2968 or by email at