The Food Standards Agency has announced the appointment of Dr David Cameron as the Chair of the Scottish Food Advisory Committee (SFAC). The Agency has also announced  the appointment of Dr James Wildgoose as a new member for Scotland on the FSA Board. The appointments were made by Shona Robison MSP, Scottish Minister for Public Health and Sport. Dr Cameron’s new role as Chair of the Scottish Food Advisory Committee will run concurrently with his FSA Board membership. He will divide his time between Board duties and SFAC. Dr Cameron, a biochemist and experienced food safety consultant, is a past President of REHIS and is also a member of the FSA Board. Dr Wildgoose, a former senior civil servant with a background in economics, was responsible for setting up the FSA in Scotland. He is based in Edinburgh and undertakes occasional freelance consultancy projects. The Scottish Food Advisory Committee provides the Food Standards Agency Scotland with independent advice and information on safety issues and food standards in Scotland. The Committee consists of 9 members (including Bernard Forteath, Senior Vice-President of REHIS and Past President of the IFEH) two whom are members of the Food Standards Agency Board, who provide a wide base of knowledge on food and food related issues. They particularly focus on Scottish based issues and take into account advice from scientific advisory committees working in the field of food safety and standards. The Committee holds regular meetings in locations throughout Scotland which are open to the public.