A new Joint Award, between Albion Environmental Limited (AEL) and REHIS, was signed off by Alasdair Meldrum (AEL) and Tom Bell (REHIS) in Edinburgh on Thursday 5 December this year.

This Joint Award “Training in the Waste and Resource Sector” aims to provide course candidates with background knowledge in the environmental legislation which affects the sector.

The waste and resource management sector includes all individuals, businesses and organisations involved in reuse, recycling and recovery of resources.

The award covers two courses:

An Introduction to Waste Management Legislation – This one-day course is designed to provide candidates with a basic understanding of the legislation relating to the waste and resource sector. It is aimed at supervisors and staff who have some responsibility for ensuring compliance with environmental legislation.

Working with Waste Management Legislation – This two-day course is designed to provide candidates with the necessary level of understanding of the legislation to allow them to identify, implement and comply with the waste management legislation relevant to their organisation.

These courses add a new dimension to the existing suite of REHIS Joint Awards and I commend Alasdair and Graham for all their endeavours in developing the courses from a what was a ‘good idea’ to the high quality accredited training experience now available to workers in the waste and resource management sector. Tom Bell, Chief Executive.

For further details contact Graham Walker, Director of Training at REHIS, 19 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh EH3 8HX or by telephone on 0131 229 2968 or by email at gw@rehis.com