REHIS is delighted to announce the signing of a new joint award between the Institute and Clyde Valley Learning and Development Group.

The Clyde Valley Learning and Development Group comprises of eight local authorities located in West Central Scotland. This Group share economies of scale to gain best practice in the field of learning and development by identifying opportunities to share learning and achieve best value for all member councils.

The Group has developed an online training programme covering the principles and practice of food hygiene primarily for home care and social care staff. It should be noted that this is not the same or equivalent to the REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene course, but is a bespoke programme covering the essential food hygiene principles required by this group of local authority staff.

The training will be delivered through eLearning via a bespoke series of four modules developed in consultation with REHIS. Learners who are presented for the award will access the modules in a supervised environment where tutorial support will be available for content matters, as well as technical user support as required. Learners may also complete the course in their own time and at their own pace.
On completion of the course, an online knowledge test consisting of multiple-choice questions will be conducted under supervision. On passing the four modules, the learners will achieve the REHIS/Clyde Valley Learning and Development Group Introductory Joint Award in Food Hygiene certificate.

David Duffy, Junior Vice President of REHIS along with Jackie McCabe, REHIS Director of Training met with Gill Bhatti, Chair of the Clyde Valley learning and Development Group last month to confirm the signing of the agreement. Also in attendance at the signing was Gerry Farrell and Margaret Quinn of Clyde Valley Learning and Development Group who were both instrumental in the development of this new joint award.