On 21 June, NHS Fife convened a meeting with Health Protection Scotland, SEPA and Fife Council to agree an action plan in light of concerns over flaring at Mossmorran.

There have been a considerable number of complaints from the community following prolonged flaring from the complex, which is operated by Shell and Exxon Mobil.

SEPA regulates the environmental aspects of these sites under the Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations, and both Operators hold licences which control conditions relating to flaring.

Now that the flaring has stopped, SEPA is making arrangements to carry out a full investigation into the causes of the flaring and what action the Operators intend to take to prevent recurrence of any similar events.

NHS Fife noted that there had been reports of people experiencing a range of symptoms which they related to the flaring, such as breathing difficulties, irritated eyes and even disturbed sleep due to the noise accompanying the flaring.

SEPA will liaise with the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Air Quality Review Group during their investigation, which is an independently chaired group consisting of representatives from NHS Fife, SEPA, Fife Council, the Institute of Occupational Medicine and other community representatives.

A petition by local residents is to be launched calling for Shell and ExxonMobil to be brought before a Scottish Parliament committee