REHIS is delighted to announce the signing of a new joint award between the Institute and TEENS+ called Healthy You, Healthy Me.

TEENS+ (Transitional Educational, Extra Needs Support) is a full-time further education facility for young, post-school adults with severe and complex learning difficulties.

Most of the students at TEENS+ have Autistic spectrum disorders and the added complications these disorders can bring. The students have various conditions with associated communication and learning difficulties in addition to sensory impairments. TEENS+ helps to develop life and social skills, provide further education, guide young people towards employment and/or independent living.

Leigh-Anne Hunter, a team Leader and part of the education team at Teens+ has developed a healthy eating, food hygiene and understanding food programme which is accessible to all of the students within Teens+.

The students are provided with a huge variety of communication tools to empower them to learn and express themselves effectively. Individual student knowledge is reviewed continually through personal tutorials, staff feedback on student progress, individual and group feedback.

The Healthy You Healthy Me programme is set out in a workbook portfolio for students to complete with staff to assist. Dependent on student abilities these are completed electronically or by hand. This will include the student’s baseline knowledge of core modules at the beginning and then summative knowledge at end. Students will carry out lessons in various food hygiene and nutrition topics.

Tom Bell, REHIS Chief Executive and Jackie McCabe, Director of Training recently visited Teens+ to meet with Leigh-Anne and some students currently undertaking the Healthy You Healthy Me joint award programme.

Photograph one (left to right)

Emma Jamesion, TEENS+ Education Director

Tom Bell, REHIS Chief Executive

Jackie McCabe, REHIS Director of Training

Leigh-Anne Hunter, TEENS+ Team Leader (Food)

Photograph two (left to right)

Jackie McCabe, REHIS Director of Training

Katrina Carruthers, TEENS+ Student

Leigh-Anne Hunter, TEENS+Team Leader (Food)