A new public information leaflet on E. coli O157/STEC has been developed and is now available on the HPS website and can be accessed here.

The leaflet provides information to the public on E. coli O157 and other STEC infections including:

  • What are E. coli O157 and STEC?
  • Where is STEC found?
  • How can infection be avoided?

Some simple but effective precautions include:

  • Washing and drying hands thoroughly using running warm water and liquid soap.
  • Minimising contact with animal faeces.
  • Good food hygiene practices.
  • Not drinking untreated water.

The leaflet has been developed to replace the older ‘Simple precautions for reducing the risk of E. coli O157 infection in rural families and visitors’ leaflet and has been designed to give general information on what E. coli O157/STEC is and some general advice on how to avoid infection.

It is not intended as a patient information leaflet for cases. A separate patient information leaflet, intended for cases/parents, has been developed and will go out for consultation with the E. coli O157/STEC clinical guidelines.