The Scottish Health Protection Network (SHPN) have published new Guidance on the management of outbreaks of foodborne illness in Scotland  version 1 and is available on the Food Standards Scotland (FSS) website.  

This document is for everyone involved in investigating and controlling foodborne outbreaks in Scotland. It serves as a reference when creating plans to manage such incidents.

As part of the Scottish Health Protection Network, Food Standards Scotland and Public Health Scotland teamed up with a multidisciplinary group including Environmental Health Officers from local authorities and experts from Health Boards, Clinical Reference Laboratories, and Public Analyst Scientific Services to develop detailed guidance on how to manage outbreaks of foodborne illnesses in Scotland. 

This document should be referred to alongside the main guidance document on the management of public health incidents in Scotland, produced by Public Health Scotland and the Scottish Health Protection Network on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Any feedback on the guidance should be directed to