Glasgow Science Centre will be running the latest session of the Learning Lab “Our Amazing Air” starting in April 2023. Learning Lab is an online STEM learning programme for the classroom and home which aims to inspire and empower learners through relevant, varied learning experiences that take place over several weeks. Each unique programme comprises lesson plans, video content and interactions with experts as well as professional learning for teachers and family support.

The Our Amazing Air programme has been updated for 2023 and is intended to deliver a learning programme for P5 – P7 pupils supporting learners to investigate what air is and why it is so important for us, what air pollution is and how we monitor it, how air quality can be improved and some of the steps we all can take to have a positive impact on air quality and the environment.

The programme includes a variety of materials and support for teachers including an online teacher training session on 20 April 2023, classroom activities, and teaching materials delivered over a dedicated six week learning block of two hourly sessions per week, complementing the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) outcomes. The pupils also get the opportunity for a live meet the expert Q & A session and a visit to the Science Centre. The programme is available for every primary school in Scotland. The teaching session also culminates with resources and events to coincide with Clean Air Day, scheduled for 15th June.

For more information on the teaching programme, its content and how to register for a place, or visit: Take Part in Learning Lab | Glasgow Science Centre