Argyll and Bute have issued a food safety warning after 20 tonnes of salmon went missing following a lorry crash.

The salmon disappeared following an accident on the A82 near the Bridge of Orchy where a lorry overturned on 10 November.

Argyll and Bute Council environmental health officers say the salmon might have entered the food chain, is potentially unsafe to eat and should not be consumed.

Anyone who has any of the salmon is advised to dispose of it.

The council said in a statement: “It is potentially unsafe to eat and should not be consumed.

“At the time of the accident the salmon was head on and gutted and of various sizes. It had not undergone processing.

“This salmon cannot under any circumstances be used for further processing because of potential food safety issues and also because it does not comply with the requirements of food law.

“If you are in possession of this salmon you are advised to dispose of it immediately.

“Members of the public are advised that legitimate salmon, that complies with the requirements of food law, will be sold through reputable retail and wholesale outlets.”

Anyone with concerns is asked to call Argyll and Bute Council on 01546 605 519.