This is an invitation to the membership to try an innovative approach to gaining CPD credits (2hrs) whilst also acquiring historical insight in to Environmental Health related issues that have been played out in Glasgow, with the further added value of it being undertaken as part of a healthy activity.The walking tour has been created for us by a qualified historical tour guide, with exceptional knowledge on Glasgow and its history. It focuses on issues such as sanitation, housing, welfare, infectious disease and pests, but also touches on social divisions, education and distribution of wealth. All of which, have influenced our profession and continue to be areas where we have influence.

For Chartered EHO members or those working towards Chartered EHO status this might trigger your enthusiasm to research an aspect of the tour and produce a submission paper.

Spaces are limited to 10 persons per tour, it is all outside and the distance covered is around 2.5 miles (roads and pavements) so appropriate footwear, clothes and level of fitness is needed. The full tour takes approximately 2 hours 15 minutes.

Starting Point – Glasgow Cathedral (Google Maps).

Costs: Members – Free*                                         Non-Members – £20.00.

If you wish to book a space(s) at either event please complete the attached registration form and return to the event co-ordinator e-mail address/address below.

If you wish to further information please contact David Duffy (event co-ordinator) at or Tel: 01698 454644 to discuss.