Edinburgh Cyrenians is an independent charity that has operated with continuous steady growth and success since 1968. They provide solutions to poverty and homelessness and work towards a Scotland that makes room for all. Their passion is to help people who have had severe problems, to help themselves improve their lives. They offer the kind of opportunities and support that enable people to turn their lives around. The Good Food Good Health Joint Award is tailored for the priority groups, is delivered over two days and aims to enable participants to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver practical in-house cooking classes and be able to promote and encourage healthier eating, cooking and food budgeting options to their client group to ensure consistent messages about food and health to those they work with. As well as the two days training, an important element of the Good Food Good Health Joint Award is that it also offers eight weeks of cooking classes.

 Graham Walker, REHIS Director of Training would like to thank the staff at Edinburgh Cyrenians for all their hard work and support, in particular Chris Stevenson, Cyrenians Food and Health Development Co-ordinator, during the development of this joint award. The delivery of this training programme including ‘on the job’ experience adds value to the work already being delivered across the sector, by increasing the skills set of support staff in extending knowledge, confidence and understanding of issues around food, health and social inclusion.

The photograph shows Tom Bell, REHIS Chief Executive, Des Ryan, Edinburgh Cyrenians Chief Executive and Chris Stevenson signing the Joint Award Agreement.