The Association of Public Health Inspectors of Cyprus (APHIC) and REHIS have signed a ‘twinning’ agreement leading to closer co-operation on international Environmental Health matters. The invitation to twin came from Cyprus last year with the suggestion that the relationship be formalised. A delegation, led by the President, John Stirling, travelled to Cyprus for the signing ceremony, which was held in Nicosia on 24 February, in the presence of the Cypriot Government Health Minister. John Stirling stated ” I am delighted that we have taken this step to formalise our already close working relationship. Cyprus has recently been welcomed into the European Union and this partnership will ensure that the Profession’s views are heard more effectively when it comes to the protection and improvement of public health on Cyprus and across the EU Member States. One positive spin-off for members is that work exchange programmes between the two countries will be encouraged as a result.