All professionals are encouraged to participate in a CPD Scheme and the Institute’s Scheme of CPD provides a way for Members of the Institute to evidence their ongoing professional development in an independently assessed way. For EHOs this also offers a means to achieve Chartered EHO status.

The new website provides a more efficient way to record and submit CPD and can be found by logging into the members only section of the website.

  • Individual entries can be made at any time through the year, then at the end of the year, when ready to submit this is completed by selecting the relevant entries, the relevant year and hitting ‘submit’. This moves your submission to the bottom of the page and should show CPD as ‘submitted’.
  • Once it has been reviewed, an e mail notification is sent that something has changed and the e mail will ask the submitter to log in to view the change.
  • The status should have changed to either ‘approved’ or ‘more information required’ and, if the latter, will show details of what is required. The submitter can then add anything required and ‘submit’ again, and the process will be repeated. 
  • If all is found to meet the Scheme requirements and it says ‘approved’, a certificate of compliance will be sent out in due course. For Chartered EHOs a copy of the updated e mail signature logo will also be sent.

If you have any queries regarding CPD submissions please e mail