The Scottish Government and UK Hospitality have both published guidance to support Scotland’s tourism and hospitality sector to reopen safety. 

The industry has been asked to prepare for reopening on 15 July, if sufficient progress is made to move to phase 3 of the route-map.

The Scottish Government’s guidance sets out the key public health measures that will need to be taken to allow safe reopening, including:

  • Establishing physical distancing taking account of organisational capacity, queue management, signage and markings
  • Enhanced hand hygiene measures and cleaning practice
  • Advice on workforce planning, including training and equality issues
  • Guidance for customers to ensure they know how to plan ahead and engage safely with the tourism and hospitality sector

The guidance has been developed in partnership with industry, unions and public health bodies. 

In addition, the UK Hospitality has also published comprehensive guidance for the reopening of hospitality businesses in Scotland which can be used in conjunction with the Scottish Government Guidance. 

It is expected that Food Standard’s Scotland COVID-19 Guidance for Food Business Operators and Their Employees will be updated once plans are announced for the re-opening of pubs and restaurants, to reflect measures that are appropriate for theses business.