Environmental Health Officers in Scotland have prepared a supplementary questions and answers document for hospitality businesses to provide further clarification of the Scottish Government sectoral guidance for COVID-19. They have been prepared in cooperation with industry and the Scottish Government.

The document is not separate to government guidance but designed to complement it and further the understanding of what businesses need to consider and do to ensure they are operating safely and within the legal requirements.

As we move through Scotland’s route-map, guidance is being regularly reviewed and updated. It remains a gradual process and while the hospitality sector has made significant progress to date with reopening outdoor and indoor areas, and with reduced physical distancing to one metre, it's not yet business as usual.

A high level of caution and awareness is essential in order to avoid any set-backs. The Scottish Government does not want to keep restrictions in place a moment longer than is necessary, but safety must come first. Businesses are therefore requested to maintain the excellent work that has been undertaken so far and to continue working with authorities to build on that progress. 

The document will be updated as more information becomes available.