The Institute has put in temporary measures to permit Approved Training Centres to deliver courses by remote learning by the use of live virtual training. Some courses are also available by eLearning. Even although Scotland appears to moving towards Phase 2 of the ‘exit of lock-down’ strategy, remote learning continues to be permitted by the Institute.

As businesses start to prepare to get open they will need to demonstrate that they have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared this with all employees. Staff training is an essential part of this. REHIS Community Training offer a wide range of compliance courses in areas of Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Cleaning and Disinfection and Infection Prevention and Control.

The REHIS course syllabi for these courses at all levels are currently being updated to take into account the new virus COVID-19. However, all course presenters should be aware of the current pandemic guidelines and incorporate this into their training now.

There are many articles on the REHIS website with details of all the pandemic guidance and resources available to businesses.

If you have any questions, please email