Check In Scotland is a way to collect the contact details of people who visit hospitality businesses, such as pub, bars, restaurants and cafes, that's designed to work with NHS Scotland's Test and Protect.

To help reduce the risk of transmission and support the Test and Protect contact tracing service, the Scottish Government has made it mandatory for hospitality venues to collect and manage customer contact details. 

In order to make it simple and secure for businesses and customers, the Scottish Government have created this voluntary free of charge service.

The service works by hospitality businesses displaying a Check In Scotland QR code poster at their venue, and asking anyone who visits to scan this QR code when they arrive. 

When a visitor first scans your venue's unique QR code, it will launch the Check In Scotland app or an online form on their phone. The visitor needs to enter their contact details, including their name and contact number, and click 'check in' to confirm they're at your venue. This will record the date and time they arrived.

When they leave, they should check out. If they still have the online form open on their phone, they just need to press 'check out'. If they don't have the online form open, they can check out by rescanning your venue's QR code.

If the visitor does not have a mobile phone, or cannot use the Check In Scotland service, businesses should take their details in another way, such as by pen and paper.

Businesses who already have a way of taking the details of people who visit their venue, such as your own QR code method, can carry on using this method instead of switching to a Check In Scotland QR code poster. But, as Check In Scotland is designed to work with Scotland's Test and Protect system, businesses are encouraged to switch.