A collaboration of East Lothian Council, Scottish Fire and Rescue and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) are to form a multi-agency Rural Crime Campaign which is due to launch soon.

Derek Oliver, Service Manager – Protective Services, East Lothian Council said “This campaign is bringing partners closer together in targeting and addressing a host of activities that affect our rural communities and landscape. We believe by working in collaboration and sharing intelligence, we can create a hostile environment for those seeking to commit crime in the rural East Lothian.

East Lothian Council Leader, Willie Innes, added: “This campaign and the use of quad bikes to access our more remote areas will go a considerable way to deter those contemplating criminal acts. From the council’s perspective, we want to help reduce crime and the fear of crime by involving all members of the community and protecting those who are most vulnerable. We will be liaising with other stakeholders and opening channels for members of the public to inform us of their concerns so that we can target areas and activities most effectively.”

Police Inspector Andy Hill said “our officers based across East Lothian Police are committed to the prevention, investigation and reporting of all crimes that impact negatively on our rural communities. We are pleased to be working closely in partnership with East Lothian Council and other agencies towards this aim.”

Further details of the Rural Crime Campaign will be launched in the coming weeks.