World Environmental Health Day was launched by the IFEH Council at its meeting in Indonesia on the 26 September 2011. Every year since 2011 this date has been earmarked to celebrate as World Environmental Health Day with a particular theme celebrating an environmental health issue Worldwide. 

REHIS has featured prominently in the past, particularly in 2017 and 2016 (see IFEH website) and would like to actively participate and encourage participation again this year. The 2018 theme is 'Global Food Safety and Sustainability' which aims to support the provision of more safe food, make use of precious water and nutrient resources, and for communities to increasingly value sustainable food production.

At it's meeting on Saturday 2 June the REHIS Council decided that the best way forward this year is to contact members and colleagues in our community training network to ask them if they are involved in any projects which could fulfil the remit of the IFEH and which could become the REHIS entry this year. 

Further information concerning the theme of 2018 is featured on the IFEH website. Information about planned national/regional initiatives, including short videos if available, will be displayed on a specific page on the IFEH website.  Participation in World Environmental Health Day. Participation in previous years has raised the profile of the participant's organisation and employer. 

Any members interested in taking part are asked to confirm their interest with Tom Bell, Chief Executive by 30 June 2018.