A new practice development hub for reducing inequalities is now available on the PHS Virtual Learning Environment. Primarily for those in public service roles, it aims to improve skills and day to day working practice so that action can be taken to reduce inequalities.  

Scotland’s public services have a duty to reduce inequalities and help create a society where everyone can thrive.  This resource provides practice improvement support for making services inclusive, strengthening partnership working and community advocacy.

This hub has been designed as a flexible resource where individuals can select sections most relevant to their learning needs and source information about how to integrate actions in their daily work.

 Vicky Bibby, Director of Strategic Planning and Performance, PHS said:

“Understanding the necessity of addressing inequalities in our community is important; having the tools and support to put this into practice is vital.

“We have already launched the Health Inequalities learning hub which raises awareness of the relationship between discrimination, inequalities and health inequalities, a critical first step for building knowledge to enable actions.

“This new resource has been specifically developed to offer practical guidance, methods and frameworks to help those in public service roles reduce inequalities in the services they provide.

“We will continue to build the wider learning development programme, with a view to adding resources that consider inequalities in Procurement and The Workplace.”

View the Breaking barriers to reduce inequalities hub