The annual surveillance reports for laboratory-confirmed cases o Salmonella and Campylobacter in Scotland in 2017 have been published on the Health Protection Scotland website.

During 2017, 5796 laboratory reports of Campylobacter were received by HPS. This was an increase of 485 (9.1%) compared to 2016 when 5311 isolates were reported. This increase follows a decline in reports of Campylobacter in each of the previous two years. Despite the increase in reports in 2017, the number remains below the peak of 6636 reports in 2014. The annual summary of Campylobacter in Scotland, 2017 can be accessed here.

During 2017, the Scottish SalmonellaShigella and Clostridium difficile Reference Laboratory (SSSCDRL) reported 838 cases of human non-typhoidal Salmonella to Health Protection Scotland, which is very similar to 2016 when there were 839 reports, this had followed had followed an increase in reports since 2014 when there had been 717 reports. The annual summary of Salmonella in Scotland, 2017 can be accessed here.