It is 10 years ago since the Urban Task Force published the report “Working Towards Renaissance”, championing a holistic approach to urban regeneration, and from this the Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) registration scheme was introduced.

Quite a lot has changed in the Brownfield regeneration sector over the last 10 years, and recent high profile cases such as St Albans and Corby have highlighted the need for, and importance of,experienced professionals (whether within public or private sector organisations) who have demonstrable expertise and who can offer authoritative advice to help deliver safe, sustainable and exacting solutions.

The Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) registration scheme has the capability to meet these aims as it brings together professionals from a broad background advising on land condition matters and its status demonstrates a high degree of experience, competence and skill amongst the profession.

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SiLC Introduction Day Event Details

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    16/06/2010 7:00 am