A Scottish Branch IOA meeting will take place on 26th June with a talk from Francis McManus on noise law. Francis is a REHIS member and Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Stirling and Emeritus Professor of Law at Edinburgh Napier University specialising in environmental law and noise. He has written a new book with Andy McKenzie focussing on noise law: Noise and Noise Law (edinburghuniversitypress.com) Non IOA members are welcome to register.

The presentation covers the leading cases in the common law relating to noise nuisance. Amongst the cases which will be discussed are Webster v Lord Advocate 1984 SLT 15; Baxter v Camden LBC [2001] 1 AC 1; Dennis v Ministry of Defence [2003] EHLR 17 and Lawrence v Fen Tigers Ltd [2014] AC 822.

The implications for noise of the recent decision of the Supreme Court case of Fearn v Trustees of the Tate Modern Galleries [2023] UKSC 4 will also be discussed.

As far as statutory noise nuisance is concerned, the presentation will include discussion of Southwark LBC v Ince (1989) 21 HLR 504; Vella v Lambeth LBC [2006] Env LR 33 and Milne v Stuartfield Windpower Ltd [2019] SC ABE 25.

To register for the event see here.

  • Event Date
    26/06/2023 12:30 pm
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    26/06/2023 1:30 pm
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