Edinburgh Cyrenians – Good Food Good Health Course

Edinburgh Cyrenians is an independent charity that has operated with continuous steady growth and success since 1968. They provide solutions to poverty and homelessness and work towards a Scotland that makes room for all.

Their passion is to help people who have had severe problems, to help themselves improve their lives. They offer the kind of opportunities and support that enable people to turn their lives around. Edinburgh Cyrenians is a registered REHIS Centre for Food Hygiene and Food and Health Qualifications.

The Good Food Programme has been operating for 10 years. The aim of the Good Food Programme is to deliver four distinct food and health services each offering an approach to tackling ill health, poor nutrition, increasing skills and confidence building, improving social networks and providing opportunities for work experience and further training through our Social Enterprises.  The Programme works in partnership with organisations delivering services to some of the most marginalised members of our communities and in addition delivers in-house client based services for individuals with complex needs.

The Good Food Programme has delivered outreach cooking classes for several years to a variety of organisations working with priority groups and as a result of this constantly leads to a large number of enquiries from new and existing organisations to deliver classes.

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