Californian EHO visits REHIS

Over the years the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) has brought together Environmental Health professionals from all over the globe. REHIS recently played host to one such friendship. Colin Wallace, a past President and IFEH representative, has been a friend and colleague of Sharyn Jupp for many years always meeting on foreign soil so it was a great pleasure for them both to be able to meet up in Scotland at the end of September.

Innovative electric vehicle charging zones planned for Edinburgh in Scottish first

On the 4 October Edinburgh City Council’s Transport and Environment Committee approved a business case to improve electric vehicle infrastructure in the city. 

The business case developed for the city council by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), suggests that the city will need to install 211 charging points by 2023 at a cost of £3.3 million, in order to meet future demand for charging facilities. The points would include 111 fast chargers, 23 rapid chargers and 77 slow chargers.

“Make the voice of Environmental Health heard”- a letter received by REHIS

A letter has been received by REHIS in response to the letters published in The Herald newspaper regarding the current concerns over the environmental health profession. The letters by Tom Bell and John Crawford were published on the REHIS website. The letter in response can be read below: 

Dear President,

Brexit impact on food safety and standards

Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russel has voiced his concerns on EU withdrawal plans for food safety and standards at the REHIS annual Food Update Event held on 26 September. 

He stated that more power and resources must be transferred to the Scottish Parliament to guarantee food safety and standards after Brexit.

The warning comes after the UK Government put forward plans to mitigate potential 'no deal' border delays by minimising customs checks for food and feed imports.

World Environmental Health Day- 26th September 2018

26 September marks World Environmental Health Day which has been celebrated every year since 2011.

This year’s theme of ‘Global food safety and sustainability’ aims to support the provision of more safe food, to make use of precious water and nutrient resources and for communities to increasingly value sustainable food production.

Green honours for companies and councils- final week for free entries

The top winners in this year’s Scottish Green Apple Environment Awards, supported by REHIS, will have the chance to represent Scotland in the European Business Awards for the Environment.

Free entries close on September 30, and the annual campaign – which began in 1994 – aims to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world.

Any company, council or organisation can claim a free entry and be nominated for a Green Apple Environment Award – as long as they are doing something that benefits the environment.

Leading the way to a low-carbon future

A national taskforce to advise on how Scotland achieves a carbon-neutral economy has been launched.

The Just Transition Commission, a commitment under the Programme for Government, will look at how to maximise opportunities of decarbonisation, in terms of fair work and tackling inequalities, while delivering a sustainable and inclusive labour market.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham announced that Professor Jim Skea OBE is to chair the Commission, as she spoke at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

Yoghurts contain high amounts of sugar, study finds

A comprehensive survey of ingredients in yogurts has highlighted high sugar levels in many – particularly organic yogurts and those marketed towards children.

Scientists from the Universities of Leeds and Surrey analysed the product information for 921 yogurts available in major UK supermarkets. 

Double council tax for 15,000 empty homes

More than 15,000 empty homes have been charged double council tax in an attempt to cut the number of unoccupied properties in Scotland.

BBC Scotland has found that some councils are earning over £1 million per year from the powers to charge extra levies on those with empty properties, while others had not used the powers at all.

St Andrew’s drains placed on “a diet” to help tackle fatbergs

Scottish Water is to step up its fight against fatbergs which can cause major flooding and pollution with the launch of a new project.

A new project being trialled aims to substantially reduce the number of blockages in the sewer system which occurs when fats, oils and grease (FOG) are poured down drains then combine with other waste and congeal into a solid mass.

The new Fat Free Sewer project, the first of its kind in Scotland, is being tested in St Andrews. 

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