Changes to the Governance of the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR)

OSHCR is the only HSE-backed source of assured, independent, consultancy OSH advice and there are some changes to the way it is managed.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has taken over management of the register. This is in many respects a logical step given that a large proportion of those on the register are IOSH members.

IOSH will be investing in raising the profile of OSHCR, helping to ensure that it is known for providing access to a valuable source of credible, independent OSH professionals.

Western Isles' mild oceanic climate may help ticks thrive

The Western Isles' mild oceanic climate could be helping a pest to survive in places where it was not previously thought to thrive

Ticks can often be encountered in woodland, but new research has found high numbers in some treeless island habitats.

Lyme disease can be spread to humans from the bite of infected ticks.

Researchers found some isles had an incidence of the disease 40 times higher than the Scottish average.

The Western Isles has been trying to tackle the risk posed by infected ticks for a number of years.

Close contact services sector coronavirus guidance published

The Scottish Government has published Coronavirus (COVID-19): close contact services which is for people who provide close contact services such as hairdressers, barbers and beauticians on working safely during coronavirus. This has previously been held within the Retail Sector guidance but has now been separated to have its own guidance.

Returning to work safely as COVID restrictions are eased

As restriction ease Environmental Health departments will be ensuring businesses across all sectors are adhering to current Coronavirus Regulations and Guidance. Officers will continue to follow 'the 4 Es' approch: Engage. Explain. Encourage. Enforce. 

As places reopens, businesses should ensure their workplace is safe by following the appropriate government sector advice here.

In general, the following workplace controls remain unchanged:

Clean Air Day 2021 Resources Available

This year’s Clean Air Day online resources for Clean Air Day 2021 have gone live ahead of the June 17 campaign. The 2021 packs enable all audiences across the UK from individuals, schools, businesses, health organisations, community groups and local authorities to demonstrate support for action on air pollution and have their say about building a healthy future for our children.

Retail sector coronavirus guidance updated

Guidance for the retail sector, including procedures for staff and customer safety and an operations checklist has been updated. The update also has moved Close contact services which was once contained in this guidance to separate guide.

Plans unveiled for green hydrogen project near Glasgow

A planning application to deliver the UK’s largest electrolyser has been submitted by ScottishPower. The 20MW electrolyser will be the key component of a green hydrogen facility located close to ScottishPower’s Whitelee windfarm.

Tourism and hospitality coronavirus sector guidance updated

The Scottish Government have updated the Coronavirus (COVID-19): tourism and hospitality sector guidance on the 20 April to reflect changes in the guidance. 

Some of the main points are as follows:

Easing of restrictions and updated Strategic Framework Protection Level table published

The Scottish Government have published an updated Strategic Framework Protection Levels table showing the route map for future easings. The First Minister has also confirmed that all parts of the country will move to Level 3 from Monday 26 April. 

This means that:

Expansion of Community Testing

The First Minister has announced that rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) tests will be made available to anyone in Scotland and to those planning travel to the islands.

From 20 April, anyone planning travel to the islands next week can order a free home test kit online. The first test should be taken three days before travel and the second on the day of departure.

From Monday 26 April, lateral flow home test kits will be available to 

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