Following publication of the document titled ‘Guidance for Local Authority Enforcement Officers on the Production of Cheese from Unpasteurised Milk’, by the SFELC Joint Specialist Cheese & Risky Foods Short-Life Working Group in October 2018, a new Version 2 of the guidance has been produced and ratified at the SFELC meeting on Friday 26 April 2019.  

The new version has been updated based on feedback received in March 2019 from Local Authority enforcement officers, Scottish raw milk cheese producers and the Specialist Cheesemakers Association (SCA), with the aim of making the content of the guidance clearer to all involved. 

The guidance will continue to be updated on an on-going basis following any further feedback received from enforcement officers and businesses as more practical experience is gained. 

The document is intended to support a new enforcement approach proposed by SFELC for the inspection and enforcement of food safety controls applied by cheesemakers producing cheese made from unpasteurised milk. 

The revised version can be found on the Food Standards Scotland website.