Now available, the Code of Practice on Preventing or Controlling Ill Health from Animal Contact at Visitor Attractions replaces the HSE guidance AIS 23.

The farming sector has come together to produce a Code of Practice to help ensure health and safety on visitor attractions where contact with animals is encouraged. Attractions range from conventional farms that open to the public for one day a year to premises that cater for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

The Code provides sensible, practical and proportionate guidance to help you comply with the law and keep visitors safe. It includes a summary document, a checklist, pictures and real life case studies of measures you can apply at your premises.

The Health & Safety Executive and the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland were consulted in the production of this publication.

“HSE endorses the sensible, proportionate, reasonable and balanced advice to owners on managing visitor health and safety set out in the industry Code of Practice.”
Health & Safety Executive

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