Food Standards Scotland (FSS) have published their Regulatory Strategy setting out the organisation’s central role in supporting and regulating the food sector in Scotland.

This is following a consultation where the FSS asked respondents for their views on the draft regulatory strategy. Respondents were broadly supportive of the proposed regulatory approach, and provided detailed views on areas of possible change highlighted in the consultation.

Consultation responses were used to refine the final regulatory strategy, which was considered and agreed by FSS at their open Board meeting on 17 May 2017. The consultation summary can be viewed here.

The work undertaken in supporting and regulating the food sector supports the delivery of one of FSS’s strategic priorities: allowing responsible food businesses to flourish. Food businesses that operate responsibly and protect consumers’ interests should benefit from risk-based and proportionate regulation, whilst effective, proportionate and dissuasive action should be taken with those businesses that do not step up to their responsibilities to consumers.

Scotland has a thriving food and drink sector with a reputation for excellence both at home and abroad. FSS has an important role to play in supporting that reputation by ensuring the sector is underpinned by a robust regulatory system for food safety and standards, whether operating in the domestic, EU or wider global markets.

Looking ahead, the Regulatory Strategy provides a framework for modernising the food and feed regulatory system in Scotland so it can remain robust, effective and sustainable for the future.