Elementary Food Hygiene Examination in Slovakian

The Elementary Food Hygiene Exam is now available in Slovakian. If you require papers for your Course please indicate the number you require on the Course Registration Form.For more information please contact the Training Section on 0131 225 5444.

New Joint Award – Conflict Management by Tactics Management

Conflict Management for employers who value their workers'personal safety. Contact details:- www.tactics management.co.uk Email info@tacticsmanagement.co.uk Phone Thomas at TM – 07977 113506 Dot at TM – 07717 241468 or phone Graham Walker,Director of Training – 0131 225 5444.

HSE Booklet – 5 steps to risk assessment

The guidance Five Steps to Risk Assessment has been revised and simplified to make it even easier for normal business people, not just health and safety experts, to use. It also places greater emphasis on making sure that decisions are actually put into practice.

The Healthy Living Award replaces Scottish Healthy Choices Award

The Healthyliving Award will give national recognition to those eating establishments which are responding to consumer demand for healthier food. The Award will build on the success of the former Scottish Healthy Choices Award which, introduced 10 years ago, was run for the Scottish Executive by the Scottish Consumer Council.

Useful food safety information from foodlink

foodlink is organised by the Food and Drink Federation in association with the Food Standards Agency, the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS), the Departments of Health, Food and Education, the National Farmers Union, the British Retail Consortium and the British Hospitality Association. foodlink

Food allergies and intolerances

Voluntary best practice guidance from the Food Standards Agency for caterers and retailers.

Elementary Food Hygiene Course – Food Poisoning Data

ELEMENTARY FOOD HYGIENE COURSE PRESENTER'S PACK This attachment updates acetate number 9 in the overhead pack and the PowerPoint presentation.

Introduction to Health and Safety Course

The REHIS Introduction to Health and Safety course is a non examined pre-employment health and safety awareness course intended primarily for persons joining the workforce for the first time. The syllabus aims to raise awareness of key health and safety issues.

Highfield Awards 2006

The Awards are presented to people who have achieved the highest marks in Food Hygiene,HACCP and Health and Safety Courses run by REHIS Approved Training Centres. The Awards are sponsored by Highfield Ltd and are an annual event at the REHIS Conference.The Awards were presented at Glasgow City Chambers by Helen Greenhow from Highfield and John Stirling,President of REHIS on the 22nd November 2006.

Family Food – Report on the Expenditure & Food Survey

Family Food is the source of detailed statistical information on purchased quantities, expenditure and nutrient intakes derived from both household and eating out food and drink. Data is collected for a sample of households in the United Kingdom using self-reported diaries of all purchases, including food eaten out, over a two week period. Where possible quantities are recorded in the diaries but otherwise estimated. Energy and nutrient intakes are calculated using standard profiles for each of some 500 types of food.

Highfield named the Doncaster Business Of The Year.

Congratulations to Highfield for winning this prestigious award. The award goes to the most outstanding organisation that has best demonstrated excellence in delivering results through sound leadership, policy and strategy and people involvement using effective systems, delivering the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, customers and the community alike.

New HACCP for Caterers Course launched!

This new course is aimed at those responsible for the development and maintenance of a permanent food safety management procedure or procedures based on HACCP principles. The syllabus aims to provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding required to introduce CookSafe a HACCP based food safety assurance system into a catering business. CookSafe is designed to assist catering businesses understand and implement a HACCP based system